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Figures of Three Decades of Chinese Medicine -5

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As the new drug R & D system is getting more sophisticated in China, the eye-catching changes have taken place in the field of drug research and development. R & D of new drugs has been transferred from the original imitation to independent innovation. Chinas innovation atmosphere in new drug research and development is getting stronger, and has considerable advantage in many aspects such as the protection intellectual property, the construction of infrastructure, human resources and so on, so a new era of drug research and development with the trend of standard and science is coming.
The figures show quality.
In 1996, Chinas National Institute for Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products organized institutes for control of pharmaceutical products at all levels to carry out drug quality sampling and testing throughout the country and the total pass rate was 83.53%. In 2007, the state conducted evaluation sampling and testing on 13,595 batches of drugs including proprietary Chinese medicines, chemical drugs, biological products and so on, and the total pass rate was 98.0%, among which the chemical drug’s pass rate reached 98.0%, antibiotics’ pass rate was 98.1%, and proprietary Chinese medicines’ pass rate was 97.6%. Influenza vaccine testing pass rate was 100% for two consecutive years.
The process of 30-year reform and opening up is the development process of Chinese drug supervision and administration from the extensive regulation to standardizing regulation and from weak force to strong one. Through the step by step establishment and improvement of the drug regulatory system, the level of drug monitoring of the process of drug management increases substantially so as to effectively protect the drug quality and safety in China.


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