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Figures of Three Decades of Chinese Medicine -6

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The figures show safety.
At present, Chinas 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) establish Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring agencies at provincial-level and have 200 adverse drug reaction monitoring centers below the provincial level and monitoring stations. In 2007 the Chinese report of adverse drug reaction reached more than 400 cases per million populations, which was close to the monitoring report rate of adverse drug reaction cases in the developed countries.
Now, the information network of national ADR monitoring covers the whole country with the realization of an electronic reporting and online real-time reporting. Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring System has made unprecedented achievements in the improvement of laws and regulations, the construction of institution as well as information technology etc. The capabilities of adverse drug reaction monitoring and early warning have been greatly improved, and has become not only an important means for the protection of drug safety but also an important basis and protection of Chinas drug safety monitoring.
The figures show future.
There are 15 thousand kinds of state drug standards in China, and the overall level of the latest 2005 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" is synchronization with the international drug standards. Since 2008, China will amend 2000 kinds of state drug standards in the rolling way every year. The establishment of drug standard system has built a solid barrier for the public drug safety. Looking to the future, Chinas drug standards system has entered the stage of comprehensive standard and improvement. Under the principal of "Improve the quality of drugs, and safeguard the public health", the level of drug quality control will be comprehensively upgraded.


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