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Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises Need to Be Cautious When Entering into the European Pharmaceutical Market -2

Post Time:2009-01-21 [Large Middle Small] View:
Some experts point out that it is a shortcut for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to find European partners to enter into the European market. Because the local companies are more familiar with the European market and they will help Chinese enterprises to establish suitable business models and marketing programs, build up sales network, even provide financial assistance to them, and some companies also offer consulting services. Some of the European pharmaceutical companies are localized companies with their sale channels and products only being operated in limited areas, but more efficiently; some are large international companies with their business covering the whole of Europe. The choice of partners needs to be considered on the characteristics of products and development strategies of the enterprises.
The threshold to access to the European market is "high".
When finding the European market is a huge one, we must also realize to the "high threshold."
According to the principle of common recognition in the EU member states on the access approval of drugs, once a drug obtains the approval of marketing by one of the EU member states, in principle, other member states should also approve the drugs to sale in the countries. But enterprises still need to get MA (Marketing Authorization), the market access card, for the sale in the target country. The application for MA has a variety of procedures, and it takes at least 210 days to obtain the MA in one member state of EU. If the business strategic area includes many EU countries, then, the application in different countries can be conducted at the same time.


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