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The "China" AIDS Vaccine Successfully Completes the First Stage of Phase Ⅰ Clinical Trials -1

Post Time:2009-01-21 [Large Middle Small] View:
Shao Yiming, the chief expert of National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said recently in Beijing that the first stage of Phase Ⅰ clinical trial on a kind of AIDS vaccine with independent intellectual property rights of China has successfully come to an end now, and the data of clinical trial show that the AIDS vaccine is "very safe and has very good effect."
The current situation of AIDS Control and Prevention in China is still very grim, and the public is very concerned about the progress of the research and development of AIDS vaccine.
The compound AIDS vaccine consisting of DNA ? Tiantan Vaccinia is jointly developed by China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Beijing National Vaccine & Serum Institute. The Phase Ⅰ clinical trial of the AIDS vaccine began on December 1, 2007. At present, the first stage of Phase Ⅰ  clinical trial (that is, Phase Ⅰ a) has come to an end, and the study comes to the second stage of Phase Ⅰ clinical trial (that is, PhaseⅠ b ).
Shao Yiming, the director of the team of research and development of the AIDS vaccine introduced that: "The research at the first stage of Phase Ⅰ clinical trial shows that our vaccine is significantly better than the vaccine of other countries, the effect of one vial of China AIDS vaccine is better than that of three vials of foreign AIDS vaccine. "


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