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Eating Eggs for Health -4

Post Time:2008-12-06 [Large Middle Small] View:
In addition to the cholesterol, egg-yolk also has lecithin, which is an emulsifier that makes the fat cholesterol into very small particles which can be emitted from the vessel for the use of body. Eggs can also increase high-density lipoprotein in the blood to prevent blood vessel sclerosis.
In particular, some egg producers as Deqingyuan solve the issue on the ratio of various nutrients in eggs by carrying out scientific control on the deployment of grain. In such way the content of cholesterol in eggs is reduced by 50%, while the content of lecithin increased by twice. For the old person with normal cholesterol, eating an egg a day not only can supply high quality protein to human, but also reduce the cholesterol content.
Tips to eat healthy eggs
Check production dates carefully
Careful consumers will find a bunch of red word on the eggshell, which is the production date of egg. Choose the latest product to ensure the egg fresh.
Choose pollution-free products
On the basis of fresh assurance choose green eggs without drug residue, no hormones as well as no antibiotics with a comprehensive understanding of brands and manufacturers. It is best to choose the products approved by International Egg Commission to absorb nutrients and keep harmful substances away.
Carefully clean before eating
Prior to the consumption of eggs, you need to clean the eggshell with detergent, as there are a large number of E. coli, Salmonella on the shell of eggs sold in the market, and the dirty eggshell will pollute the cooking foods if without any cleaning. In particular, pregnant women, children, the elderly have low immunity, so we must pay more attention on cleaning egg.


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