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10 Actions for Health -1

Post Time:2008-12-13 [Large Middle Small] View:

1. Eating a nutritious breakfast. Many studies show that it can make people thinking sensitive flexible response, and enhance the efficiency of study and work to eat a high-quality breakfast in the morning. The study also finds that people who have the habit to eat breakfast everyday are more difficult to get fat and have better memory.
2. Eating much fruits and vegetables everyday. According to the study, people who eat much fruits and vegetables have the lower risk of getting the attack of heart disease and cancer. So we suggest that you remind yourselves to eat more fruits and vegetables everyday by putting the fruits and vegetables to the place where you can see and obtained easily.
3. Having 30-minute exercise everyday. We can obtain benefits from daily 30-minute exercise such as: the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression and so on, even some research indicates that exercise can make people feel happy and enhance self-confidence.
4. Using dental floss. Using dental floss to clear your teeth can not only reduce the risk of tooth decay, but also protect your heart.
5. Bring the nature into your house. Listening to sound of raindrop on the leaves and watching the fish swimming freely can make your heart peace. Experts pointed out that the feeling of combination with nature can reduce the pressure at home or the office or raise a bowl of goldfish.
6. Turning off the TV set when having a meal. Study on the relationship between the childhood obesity and the habit of watching TV found that it usually easily lead to children obesity that children watch TV when they are eating meals.


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