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Five Diet Habits Bring Health for Life

Post Time:2008-12-20 [Large Middle Small] View:
Do not look down on the daily diet habits, because they may give you a great health benefit.
1. Never give up any chance to eat onions. Onion contains a large number of flavonoids which has the role of protecting the heart, so we should be used to eating onions. In particular, when eating some unhealthy foods such as barbecue, the onion on the table can help you.
2. Eat orange with the "tangerine fiber". A lot of people are used to eating orange by taking tangerine fiber off. As a matter of fact, tangerine fiber is rich in flavonoids, which give great benefit to the health body.
3. When you can’t decide to buy which fruit, just choose the fruit in dark color. Although the appearance of fruits are quite different, when to measure the health value of fruits, the dark is certainly better, as it contains more antioxidants.
4. Eat vegetable by dipping sauce instead of mixing with sauce. The yummy sauce brings a lot of calories to your health cold dish diet as well as the barbecue. Therefore put the delicious sauce in a small bowl, eat the cold dish by dipping the sauce, in this way, you will take only 1/6 of sauce in the mixed cold dishes.
5. Some "vegetable" needs to mix with "oil". To eat more oil is not good, but to eat little is even worse. Pumpkin, carrots contain a lot of D-carotene, which is a fat-soluble substance. It is better to cook these vegetables with oil, as in this way the nutrients will be absorbed more easily.


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