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Thirteen Acts After Eating Do Harm To Health -1

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Don’t drink tea immediately after eating.
The act of drinking tea immediately after eating will impact food digestion by diluting stomach juice. Meanwhile, tannic acid in the tea can make protein in the food as the solidified non-digestible material to increase the burden on the stomach and affect the absorption of the protein. Tea is rich in tannin, which prevents the absorption of iron in the intestine by combination reaction with the iron in food; the combination of tannin and protein makes tannin protein with the role of convergence, slowing down the intestinal peristalsis, thereby it extends the retention time of stool in the intestine which will not only cause constipation, but also increase the possibility of carcinogens and toxic substances absorbed by the body, so do not drink tea immediately after eating, in particular, do not drink strong tea immediately.
Don’t smoke immediately after eating.
After meals, the peristalsis of stomach and intestine strengthens, calories increase, every organ is in a state of excitement, and the blood circulation speeds up. If you smoke at this time, the absorption ability of toxic substance in the cigarette is the strongest.
Don’t eat cold food immediately after meal.
The elderly’ stomachs are very sensitive to hot and cold foods, so the act of eating cold food immediately after a meal may cause stomach cramps, lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea or indigestion.
Don’t work at the table immediately after eating.
The act of working at the table immediately after a meal isn’t conducive to the full absorption of nutrients as it affects blood-supply quantity to the digestive system.


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