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Eight Healthy Cooking Habits

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Healthy diet needs not only to choose nutrient-rich foods, but also pay attention to the cooking methods.
1. Less salt and monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Excessive salt and MSG have no benefits to the body. Please choose spices, seasonings vinegar, orange juice to replace the salt. Put garlic and onion powder (not garlic salt and onion salt) into the meat and soup, then the dish and soup taste better.
2. Steamed not fried
Choose the cooking method which can maintain the taste and color of foods but also retain the nutrition in the foods. But for steaming vegetables, please avoid the damage of prolonged and hot cooking to the nutrients.
3. Eat more vegetables
Try to add different vegetables into salads and dishes, such as put vegetables in soup, using chopped red or yellow peppers to enhance the taste of dishes.
4. Eat low-fat alternatives
Such as low-fat cheese, low-fat salad dressing and skimmed milk. When make baked food, use two egg white in place of one whole egg, in this way can significantly reduce fat and cholesterol.
5. Beware of oils
Drain cooking oil as much as possible, use kitchen tissue to remove the oil on the just deep-fried food.
6. Don’t eat charred food
To minimize the use of open flame for barbecues, in order to reduce the chance of making charred food. Microwave cooking is a healthy way of cooking, because cooking time is short, which can reduce the loss of nutrients.
7. Control fat in homemade desserts
It can effectively reduce the fat in home-made cake to choose apple sauce, plum sauce or yogurt to replace the fresh cream.
8. Select whole grain flour
Try to use the wheat flour or cereal to make bread and biscuits or add bran or malt in bread.


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