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Health Diet: Ten Kinds of Health Foods Women Most Need -1

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As the saying goes: we are what we eat. But do you know what kinds of foods are good for the health of brain, heart, lung, hair and so on? Now, we show you a piece of “food map” for your whole body, and tell you the good diet recipes for the health from head to toe so as to make you beautiful and healthy.
Good for brain: spinach
Foods, containing such components with reductive effect as carotene as well as superoxide dismutase, can prevent cerebral vascular diseases so as to be good for the brain. What kind of food has the reductive effect then? Experts say that spinach is the best one, then the leeks, onions, flat beans, tomatoes, carrots, green vegetables, beans, garlic leaves and other vegetables, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, pine nuts, almonds and other crustaceans food, brown rice and pork liver soup are good choices for your brain health.
Good for eyes: sweet potato
Vitamin A is known as "a little defender for eyes", if the body lack of it, the ability of the eye to feel the weak light will go down as well as the ability to be accustomed to the gloom, or even is very subject to night blindness in serious condition. Vitamin A is transformed from the carotene. In addition to carrots, the sweet potato is also rich in carotene, so it can provide a wealth of vitamin A too. The sweet potato is good not only for vision improvement, but also for skin health.


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